• OpenTrade Commerce support system

Welcome to OT technical support!

Here you can requestbug fixing and get quick replies to your questions!
To send an error message or a question, please use the application form.
The answer to your question also can be found in the
FAQ list.
You can also read manuals for administrative panel
and pricing system.
To view the list of categories with external Taobao ID click here.

Addressing to the support, please follow the simple rules:

  1. Do not hurry when composing the ticket. It will save your and our time.
  2. Always describe the issue as fully as possible:
    What happened? (Example: The price of goods is no longer displayed, URL of the item’s pages are supplied).
    When it happened? (Example: At 13:00, 5 April)
    After what it happened? (Example: Updated from admin zone)
    Please provide screenshots of errors and your actions, if possible. Screenshots can be passed via file sharing or specialized programs (like http://jetscreenshot.com).
  3. Do not forget to specify the correct data to the files of your site (ftp, ssh, or access to the hosting control panel).
  4. It is not necessary to write new tickets on the same issue every 3 minutes, since it only postpones your request in the queue.
  5. Do not write several questions not connected among themselves in one ticket. 1 ticket = 1 task.

Operating schedule of OT technical support:

— Primary consideration of the application is guaranteed for 1 hour on weekdays from 09:00 to 18:00 MSK. At other times the operational response is possible, but not guaranteed.

— The critical cases (the site does not open, errors in the order process etc) are considered for 1 hour round-the-clock, seven days a week.

Please note:

OT support considers errors and requests for specific customizations;

In Skype-chats you may discuss financial and private issues;

To discuss any issues with the OT experts and agents, please use OT forum.